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Join over 14,500 fellow Church leaders, communicators, and other church staff at the FREE online Masterclass to...
  • Learn effective guest follow-up strategies
  • Create an efficient, time-saving, follow-up system
  • Be encouraged by speakers who are serving at churches just like you!
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Seen a steady flow of first time guests at your church who never come back?

Felt completely overwhelmed by guest follow-up?

Felt disappointed or frustrated knowing your first-time guests are slipping through the cracks?

Felt like it was your fault?

You're not alone.

Guest retention and follow-up has been frustrating and overwhelming church leaders for decades.

The good news?

It doesn't have to be! We have church leaders who have implemented proven, effective, and efficient follow-up systems, and they're laying them out for you, step by step, right here.

Welcome to ENGAGE One Day 2020... an online conference with everything you need to implement the perfect guest follow-up system.
Trade Overwhelm and Discouragement for Proven Strategies and Deeper Connections!
Holly Howard
Bridge Of Hope Church
Blake Sabiston
Crossings Community Church
Casey Arnold
Colonial Hill Baptist Church
Tabitha Steinbock
Crossroads Community Church
Charles Simmons
Connect Church
Rachel O'Brien
Text In Church - Director of Education
Nina Hampton
Text In Church - Member Specialist
Randalin McDill
Text In Church - Member Specialist
Patrick Mankin
Rio City Church
Tyler Smith
Text In Church
Danielle Strickland, ENGAGE Conference
Danielle Strickland
Infinitum Life
Ed Stetzer, ENGAGE Conference
Ed Stetzer
Billy Graham Center
Jenny Randle, ENGAGE Conference
Jenny Randle
Freedom Creatives
Michael Hyatt, ENGAGE Conference
Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt & Co.
Stephen Brewster, ENGAGE Conference
Stephen Brewster
Cross Point Church
Kevin Harney, ENGAGE Conference
Kevin Harney
Organic Outreach International
Natchi Lazarus, ENGAGE Conference
Natchi Lazarus
The Connected Church
Darcy Peters ENGAGE Conference
Darcy Peters
Yvonne Gentile, ENGAGE Conference
Yvonne Gentile
UM Church of the Resurrection
Tyler Rominger, ENGAGE Conference
Tyler Rominger
Ministry Designs
Kent Woodyard, ENGAGE Conference
Kent Woodyard
Paul Martel, ENGAGE Conference
Paul Martel
Living As One
Carl Barnhill, ENGAGE Conference
Northside Assembly Of God
Carl Barnhill
Twelve:Thirty Media
Michael Lukaszewski, ENGAGE Conference
Michael Lukaszewski
Church Fuel
Joshua Cook, ENGAGE Conference
Joshua Cook
Social Church
Ryan Keller, ENGAGE Conference
Ryan Keller
Church On A Mission
Briana Waters, ENGAGE Conference
Briana Waters
Kevin Ranfeld, ENGAGE Conference
Kevin Ranfeld
Family Church
Jonathan Malm, ENGAGE Conference
Jonathan Malm
Mark MacDonald, ENGAGE Conference
Ryan Keller
Holly Hall Tate, ENGAGE Conference
Briana Waters
Wes Gay, ENGAGE Conference
Paul Martel
Living As One
Kenny Kirby, ENGAGE Conference
Katie Allred
Paul Fleming, ENGAGE Conference
Paul Fleming
ChurchINK / ChurchSWAG
Jeremiah Bartlett, ENGAGE Conference
Jeremiah Bartlett
Southside Church
Ben Stapley, ENGAGE Conference
Ben Stapley
Christ Fellowship
Dawn Baldwin, ENGAGE Conference
Dawn Baldwin
Steve Fogg, ENGAGE Conference
Steve Fogg
Steve Fogg Digital Marketing
Brandon Cox, ENGAGE Conference
Brandon Cox
Grace Hills Church
Jason Young, ENGAGE Conference
Jason Young
North Point Ministries
Brian Beauford, ENGAGE Conference
Brian Beauford
Ministry Library
Tyler Rominger
Ministry Designs
Brandon Cox, ENGAGE Conference
Brian Beauford
Grace Hills Church
Nathan Sherer, ENGAGE Conference
Nathan Sherer
Northside Assembly Of God
Nathan Sherer, ENGAGE Conference
Text In Church
Nona Jones, ENGAGE Conference
Nona Jones
Facebook and eChurch Partners
Carey Nieuwhof, ENGAGE Conference
Carey Nieuwhof
Carey Nieuwhof Communications
Connexus Church

Brady Shearer, ENGAGE Conference
Brady Shearer
Pro Church Tools
Dr. Thom Rainer, ENGAGE Conference
Dr. Thom Rainer
Author & CEO of Church Answers
Carey Nieuwhof
Brad Lomenick
Brady Shearer
Jarrid Wilson
Haley Veturis
Jason Caston
Nils Smith
Jeff Goins
CJ Alvarado
Kenny Jahng
Stephen Brewster
Holly Hall Tate
Katie Allred
Steve Fogg
Michael Lukaszewski
Tyler Smith
Ryan Wakefield
Sean Cannell
Adrian Hummel
Chuck Scoggins
Sly King
Barbara Carneiro
Brandon Cox
Justin Trapp
Chris Abbott
Kirk Noonan
Sam Hoover
Brian Beauford

Leading Church Applications
Expert Ministry Leaders
Beau Coffron

Mark Forrester
Nona Jones

Wes Gay
Beau Coffon
Seth Muse
Jazmin Antoinette

Watch online from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device. 
Connect With More First Time Guests By Creating An Effective Follow-up Plan
#1 – Learn Straight From The Source
Most people waste too much time and too many resources trying to "figure it out" and still end up settling for a fraction of the knowledge they need. Don't waste time and money. Learn what's working from people who are doing it!
#2 – FREE For A Limited Time Only
ENGAGE One Day isn't like any other Masterclass. You won't see $$$ price tags here. This information is too important and that's why we make it accessible to every church leader!
But you must claim your spot now because these sessions will stream free for ONE DAY ONLY! Then they'll be locked up in the VIP All-Access Pass.
#3 – Value Packed, Relevant Training
This is a no-theory zone! Speakers are hand-picked based on their expertise and success. They will walk you step-by-step through their best tips and strategies... PLUS share the impact it's had on their ministry and how you can do it, too!
No Travel Required
There’s no flight or hotel room to book…saving you thousands of dollars, travel time, and time away from church and your family.
Flexible Schedule
The presentations will be available online to watch at your convenience on August 20th, 2020. Watch every presentation for FREE between 10am and midnight central time! Or, get the VIP All-Access Pass for LIFETIME access to every session.
Once in a lifetime group of speakers
Most of these speakers don’t normally do events like this, but they have agreed to make an exception…meaning you’ll get to see the most unique and diverse group of speakers at this once-in-a-lifetime event.
Sessions for any context
The speakers at ENGAGE One Day come from all different backgrounds, all different church environments, and all different geographic contexts. They are stories of older congregations, mega churches, rural churches, and everything in between. Whatever context you find yourself in, there is something for you at this Masterclass!
Trade Overwhelm and Discouragement for Proven Strategies and Deeper Connections!
Text In Church
Tyler Smith, Text In Church
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith, is the co-founder of Text In Church. Tyler and the team at Text In Church serve over 17,000 church leaders helping them to build relationships and connect with their communities. He believes church communication shouldn’t be difficult and their team is dedicated to providing simple, yet effective communication tools for the church. Simply put, Text In Church creates modern communication tools for church leaders to help you save time, reach more people and impact your communities.

Text In Church
Is this event a good fit for me?
If you find yourself in one of the following categories, this event is good fit for you:

Pastor/Executive Pastor: Do-it-all pastor wanting tips for how to best leverage marketing to attract, engage, and grow their church community. 

Church Media and Communication Folks: Wants to level up their marketing presence and increase their overall reach and engagement. 

Church Volunteer: Knows the value of marketing and wants to see their church use it effectively. 

Speaker/Author: Christian speakers/authors who are looking for tips to grow their personal brand online through marketing. Most of our speakers have built large followings online.
Where is this event located?
Wherever you are! Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection.
How do I watch the live sessions?
Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive login info to the secure area where you’ll be able to access all of the talks as they happen. Simply login and follow the easy instructions. You’ll be able to view the live sessions on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.
I can’t attend all the live sessions. Is it recorded?
Yes, the recording for each session is available all day on Thursday, August 20th. After this One Day, you can purchase a VIP All-Access Pass to get access to the presentations and bonus material forever.
Connect With More First Time Guests By Creating An Effective Follow-up Plan