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ENGAGE: The Tech Conference For Thriving Churches
ENGAGE One Day is a masterclass for church leaders to gain and implement new strategies. Your website is the front door to your church, and the Plan A Visit feature is the shiny door knob that lets everyone in. We are going to get into the weeds of how to use Plan A Visit effectively, efficiently, and immediately!
Grab your computer and be ready to start implementing what you’re learning RIGHT AWAY

Everything You Need to Implement Plan A Visit on your Church’s Website
  • ​  Want to learn how to get more guests to show up at your church?
  • ​  Have you ever wished you knew when guests were coming?
  • ​  Want to avoid first time guests falling through the cracks?
  •   Interested in a website feature that will interact with all the traffic you’re getting?
  • ​  Want to engage with people in a powerful way that's familiar to them?
Good News. We have ONE solution for ALL those questions...
Help Your Church Convert Website Visitors Into First Time Guests
The ENGAGE One Day Speakers are passionate about helping your church reach more people. Our lineup of pastors, strategists, and tech experts are equipped to share strategies that you can implement right off the bat.
Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller
Church On A Mission
Steven Lee
Steven Lee
Legacy Church

Wes Morris
Wes Morris
Bay Chapel
Ben & Heather Kemp
Ben & Heather Kemp
Happy Rock Church
Tyler Rominger
Tyler Rominger
Ministry Website Designs

Faith Brown
Faith Brown
Crosspoint Fellowship Church
Chris Abbott
Chris Abbott
Creative Church Network
Ryan Wakefield
Ryan Wakefield
Church Marketing University
Tyler Smith, Text In Church
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith, is the co-founder of Text In Church. Tyler and the team at Text In Church serve over 17,000 church leaders helping them to build relationships and connect with their communities. He believes church communication shouldn’t be difficult and their team is dedicated to providing simple, yet effective communication tools for the church. Simply put, Text In Church creates modern communication tools for church leaders.

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, this Conference is for you...
#1 – Learn Directly From Thriving Leaders (and accelerate your learning)
Most people spend years trying to “figure it out” and settle for a fraction of the knowledge they deserve. Why waste time experimenting, when you can fast track your success?

The speakers we've hand selected have seen these strategies work first hand. Start implementing your own successful Plan A Visit feature by following their proven action steps!
#2 – FREE For A Limited Time Only
Although most conferences cost thousands of dollars, I’m hooking you up with a free ticket because I know how powerful this material is.

But claim your spot now because each presentation will stream free for JUST ONE DAY; then it’ll be locked up in the VIP All-Access Pass.
#3 – Value Packed, Relevant Training That Works
These strategies are proven and the data backs it up. You'll get instant takeaways and learn how to implement your Plan A Visit feature as you listen.

The truth is, websites are the front door to your church. People rarely go into a church before looking them up online first. We will show you how to equip your website to engage with every visitor.
No Travel Required
There’s no flight or hotel room to book… saving you thousands of dollars, travel time, and time away from church and your family.
Flexible Schedule
The presentations will be available online at your convenience. Each presentation will be FREE for 1 day, August 22, 2019.  And if you want it longer, you can purchase the VIP All-Access Pass to have access to every session forever.
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Talks
This is a high-quality training that will benefit and be of value to you… helping you grow your church fast with a step-by-step plan to implement Plan A Visit on your church's website. This event is structured with the audience (YOU!) in mind so you can learn and implement this at your church, no matter your skill level.
It Should Be Easier To Connect People With Your Church
I don’t run our church’s website... is this going to be relevant to me?
You don’t have to manage your church’s website to benefit from ENGAGE One Day. The strategies and proven tools are part of shifting our thinking to focusing on engaging first time guests at every possible access point. If you find yourself in one of the following categories, this event is a good fit for you...

Pastor/Executive Pastor  Do-it-all pastor wanting tips for how to best leverage marketing to attract, engage, and grow their church community. 

Church Media and Communication Folks  Wants to level up their marketing presence and increase their overall reach and engagement. 

Church Volunteer  Knows the value of marketing, the experience of website visitors, and wants to see their church use them effectively. 

Speak/Author  Christian speakers/authors who are looking for tips to grow their personal brand online through marketing.
Where is ENGAGE One Day located?
At your fingertips… literally! :) ENGAGE One Day is 100% online, so it is available anywhere with an internet connection. No travel/expenses!
How do I access the sessions?
Click the registration button below, claim your FREE ticket, and receive login information that will work on August 22nd. You can also click the LOGIN button at the top of the page. If you’re unavailable the 22nd, get our VIP All-Access Pass to have access to the sessions for a lifetime!
I can’t attend the 22nd. Will I get a recording?
If you’re unavailable the 22nd, get the VIP All-Access Pass to have access to the sessions for a lifetime!
Is this anything like ENGAGE Conference?
Yes! This event is also hosted by Text In Church and follows the same mission as ENGAGE Conference... equip church leaders to leverage technology! ENGAGE One Day is an intensive type masterclass where we dive deep into a tech tool, this year Plan A Visit, so church leaders can understand it, implement it and see an immediate impact on their ministries.
Navigate Our High Tech World To Reach More People