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Congratulations on Joining ENGAGE Conference 2023: The Online Church Conference to Make Technology Your Greatest Tool
Your FREE ticket to ENGAGE Conference gives you access to some of the most tactical and practical guest follow-up trainings you can find... presented by church leaders just like you!

By the time you finish watching the first video, you'll have years worth of strategies, mistakes, and experience from church leaders across the country, from small churches to rural churches to growing churches and everything in between.

You'll discover how software, social media, and systems can make all the difference in extending your reach, expanding your church, and how to utilize these on a budget and with limited time!

Our speakers have compressed years worth of strategies and successes into a few days.

If you can clear your schedule, you can stream all of the ENGAGE Conference sessions for free on March 1st and 2nd.
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“What if I can’t make it to all the sessions?”
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If you want to watch later or rewatch sessions (like I'll be doing), there’s only one way to get access to the entire library of ENGAGE Conference sessions anytime.

It’s called the ENGAGE Conference VIP All-Access Pass, and it lets you view the entire conference any time - without ever setting foot in a convention hall.

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You don’t have to run to your computer to watch every session before they get locked away in the ENGAGE Vault (only 2 free days of access).

Instead, you can rewatch the entire event anytime you want. You miss nothing, and you decide when to watch. 

You get post-conference access to every single session. That way, you can view, listen, and study at your convenience.

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Bonus #1

Live Coaching Calls

You get exclusive access to 3 Live Coaching Calls following the conference with Jeanette Yates, Dr. Jen Bennett, and Mary Ann Sibley. These calls are invaluable to ask questions about church communication. You’ll take a deeper dive into the topics they spoke about. Plus, you’ll be encouraged by church leaders who have “been there and done that” by leaning into your ministry and your life!
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Bonus #2

Building Momentum 
Breakout Sessions

This year’s conference is all about building momentum and these breakout sessions will help you do just that! These breakouts include ​​Sammy Kelly and Michele Barra with 11 Church Website Best Practices; Barbara Carneiro and her session Communicating Clearly Across All Channels with Your Brand; and Heather Heuman presenting How to Organically Grow on Social Media.
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NOTE: This bonus is limited to US residents only.

Bonus #3

Audio Downloads of Every Session

Want to take all the content from ENGAGE Conference with you while you are on the go? You are in luck! Download the audio files from each session to listen to your favorites anytime and any place.
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Bonus #4

Unlimited TEAM Access

Share your VIP All-Access Pass with your whole team (must be on your church staff or volunteer team). If implementing the ideas and strategies from our expert presenters isn’t in your wheelhouse, you can share these sessions with anyone on your team who might be more equipped to make it happen!
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Bonus #5

Dream Team Workshop

Equip your entire team with coaching from Clay Scroggins, Michael Hyatt, and Dr. Henry Cloud, then encourage a time of discussion to discover how teamwork can make the dream work at your church.
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Bonus #6

Level Up Social Media Track

Utilize social media to grow your church's reach while you learn from the best of the best social media experts in the church space like Nona Jones, Kenny Jahng, and Kelsey Chapman.
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START NOW You don't have to know what your next step is with new technology or how you're going to implement anything new at your church! Just start with attending this conference and let the details of how get brought to you in these amazing sessions.

EXPERT KNOWLEDGE The ENGAGE speakers were hand picked based on their experience and expertise. And honesty, they're all incredible people! You will be blown away by their knowledge and passion for the local church!
NO SECRET FORMULA We don't have any quick tricks up our sleeves. Our presenters are bringing you real life, real mistakes, and real successes. They will show you exactly how you can achieve the same amazing results they had at your church!

MAXIMIZE IMPACT You aren't alone! Don't operate in a silo. Let these fellow church leaders encourage and equip you so we can move further, faster, together! And it's ok to start small... even small improvements can make HUGE long-term impact.
Lock in your VIP All-Access Pass at the lowest admission price when you try it risk-free now. 

You have 24/7 access to watch every detailed session at your convenience. And if you don't absolutely LOVE the content and gain a ton of insight from it, I'm happy to give you a full refund. No questions asked.

You’ll learn directly from the best people who’ve seen all the obstacles - they will help you shorten your learning curve and avoid dead-ends. 

You’ll get access to the exclusive bonus package with even more strategies and insights to catapult your success. 

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  • Post-Conference Replay Access to All ENGAGE Conference 2023 Video Sessions in VIP Library
  • Audio File Downloads for Every Session
  • Team Access to VIP Library for Your Church Staff and Volunteers 
  • 3 Live Coaching Calls with Jeanette Yates, Mary Ann Sibley, and Dr. Jen Bennett
  • Building Momentum Breakout Sessions with Sammy Kelly, Michele Barra, Barbara Carneiro, and Heather Heuman
  • ​Level-up Social Media Track bonus sessions from church experts like Nona Jones, Kenny Jahng, and Kelsey Chapman
  • Dream Team Workshop with trainings from Clay Scroggins, Dr. Henry Cloud, and Michael Hyatt
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Upgrade Now for Post-Conference Access to Every Session + Exclusive Bonuses!